A note on Streamrite security:

Streamrite takes data security very seriously. All credit card and/or Paypal transactions are handled exclusively by Braintree payments (level 1 PCI compliant), and any of your payment data is stored exclusively by Braintree on Braintree servers in the Braintree Vault. None of that information is stored on the Streamrite server. Communication with Braintree is all done over secure SSL channels, and all pages at Streamrite including signup/login pages are strictly SSL encrypted (look in the url bar of your browser and you should see the SSL lock indicator). We use 3D secure technology as well, so when you sign up for Streamrite, you may be prompted by your bank during the process for additional information confirming that you are the owner of the payment detail. We do this to give you as much protection as we are able, and to prevent fraud.

The passwords you use to sign up/login are stored in encrypted form so even we can't see them - BUT despite all of this security, if someone did somehow manage to get hold your password and sign into your Streamrite account, the only data they would have access to would be your name, address, and phone. They still would not be able to access any other Streamrite user accounts. Absolute worst case, if someone were to hack into Streamrite somehow despite all of the above, even then, they would gain access to nothing more than names, addresses, and phone numbers. Protection for our customers is of utmost importance to us at Streamrite.